Source code examples - Open-source Sony PlayStation 1 (PSX) video game - A Tapper clone for Playstation 1. - Test program to compile a simple application on Linux and the PlayStation (original) - Flappy Bird for the PS1 - This is a PSX demo for the PSXDEV Codeblast '14 competition. - PlayStation 1 3D graphics Demo - Danger force written in C for classic consoles using the official Psyq SDK - Making Playstation games using psyq sdk - Frametime, a PS1 game for the LD33 Jam category - Old code for the PlayStation. - sprite based ps1 game - Currently unnamed PS1 game for MiniLD62. - Another PONG Clone - Basic reaction time game for PS1 - Rock Paper Scissors for PS1: Text Version - source for WIP game creation (tic tac toe example) - Quadrilateral Conundrum is a simple Tetris homebrew clone for ps1. - PlayStation 1 Chip8 Interpreter - A repo for bare metal psx mips stuff - more Code Examples. - I'm learning to make Playstation 1 games with C - Guessing Game (more or less) for the Playstation 1. - PSX development on WinXP + PsyQ - A simple template for a Playstation 1 game using PSXSDK - A 3-player WIP Pong-style game that links a TI-86 Graphing Calculator and a Sony PlayStation 1 through a network. Players 1 and 2 use the PlayStation, while Player 3 can affect the game using the calculator. - playstation 1 game engine (psge) (not completed/never finished) - PSX example code remote backup - Simple lighting example for the Playstation 1 - programs written for the PlayStation 1, using PsyQ libraries - Some PSX experiments - Low level playstation 1 programming (no sdk) - C++ implementation of psyq tutorial/example programs for the sony playstation 1 (psx) - Chip-84 port to the PlayStation 1 - First attempt at creating a PlayStation 1 (PSX) game from scratch without following tutorial games and only using documentation. - This is a game for PSX (PlayStation 1), written at 2000. (source code) - Playstation 1 Programs using PSn00bSDK - PlayStation1 sandbox project - Juannmv94's prototype 2D/3D flappy bird platformer - Tive's 3D FPS engine - Remake of 1992's dos game Bow & Arrow - Repo of PSX examples NOT using libgs - utils, sdk, roms, samples... archive - Deathball, game with ball physics - Wituz's ps1 game tutorial companion github page - Legacy blender game engine code for PSX exports - FixedPoint Arithmetic in C++ for PS1 using PSn00bSDK and modern C++ - PS1 Game using modern c++ and PSn00bSDK - PsyQ - NDR's Breakout game demo using PSQY + nugget. - On-demand overlay upload from PC to PSX - Unofficial PSX port of Friday Night Funkin' - A game engine for the PlayStation 1. - A PSX demo CD using overlays, fmv streaming and mod sound playback