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Disc Utilities

CD-Tool - Read/write sectors from/to an ISO, read information about an ISO, extract/insert files, as well as create or apply patches.

ISODump - PlayStation ISO Content Extraction Tool, by LameGuy64.

MKPSXISO - An ISO Image Maker made specifically for PlayStation Homebrew Development, by LameGuy64.

PSXImager - Tools for dumping and mastering PlayStation 1 ("PSX") CD-ROM images

Controller / Memory Card

ddread - Read PS1 or N64 memory cards using a dexdrive.

MemCARDuinoPlus - PS1 Memory Card Dumper With Arduino

PadTest - Gamepad Test application for Playstation 1

PlayStation 1 Reset Mod - PlayStation 1 Controller Combo Reset mod.

PS1CardLink - PlayStation 1 Memory Card reader/data transfer software

psx_mc_cli - Crossplatform cli utilities for working with PSX memory card files

psxmcr - dump data from a psx save file (raw or mcs)

psxmemcardmgr - PSX Memory Card Manager

PXfinder - A tool for Playstation 1 to retrieve screen coordinates using a crosshair

Misc - Serial transfer suite for Playstation 1 / Unirom

PSn00b-Debugger - An Open source debugging utility for the Original PlayStation, by LameGuy64.

LiteLoad - A fairly light weight serial loader for the PlayStation, by LameGuy64

Mcomms - Serial uploader, monitor and SioFS host for PlayStation homebrew development, by LameGuy64.

SMX Tool - PlayStation RSD and SMX model data editing tool, by LameGuy64.

Siofs-PSX - SioFS client library for accessing files from a PC host on the Sony PlayStation, by LameGuy64.

PSX Blender RSD Plugin - A Blender Plug-in for Exporting Models in PlayStation SDK RSD Format, by LameGuy64.

Img2TIM - An Image to PlayStation TIM File Converter, by LameGuy64.

PSXNet - A simple library and client program to get the original PlayStation to connect to the internet, by LameGuy64.

PSXDev-VRAM Viewer - Playstation 1 Development - VRAM viewer for Orion_'s PsxLib, by David Asselineau. - NXFLASH Xplorer/Xplorer/AR/GS Flasher for Sony PlayStation - Serial EXE Loader for Sony PlayStation - A homebrew video suite for playstation 1 - (Palette preservation, proper 4 bit support that works with most modern software such as Aseprite and others that can't export 4bit bmps) - PSX VRAM Viewer - A simple library and client program to get the original PlayStation to connect to the internet. - PSX application to upload PSX-EXE dinamically. - converts Net Yaroze ecoff and siocon's script to a psx.exe - A PSX USB comms link - PSX VDF (Vertex Difference Format) animation viewer - X-Flash Toolset to check, generate, pack and unpack a ROMFILE.DAT for the X-Flash eeprom flashing software. - Linux for the original sony playstation one. - PlayStation 1 voxel engine - Playstation 1 SEQ to MIDI converter, and its variants - Internet Browser for the Playstation 1 - PlayStation 1 bios dumping tool - An assembly optimized LZ77 decompressor for the PlayStation 1. - A command line application which enables serial communications against a PlayStation 1 - Blender <=2.79b plugin to export meshes in a scene to a custom .c file - PSX toolchain building scripts - A PSX Debugger with a GDB server - Tools for working with files from Metal Gear Solid - a C# framework and a set of tools to parse files found in the original kart racing game by Naughty Dog. - Reverse engineering the Crash Bandicoot password generation algorithm - Unofficial Crash Bandicoot 1/2/3 Level Editor