'Nugget' is the nickname for the method of compiling PSX executables using a modern GCC (with docker) and optionally the converted Psy-Q libraries.

https://github.com/pcsx-redux/nugget/ - The root of the Nugget repository.

https://github.com/ABelliqueux/nolibgs_hello_worlds - PsyQ - How to use the converted PSYQ libs in various examples, without using PsyQ's libgs functions.

https://github.com/NDR008/VSCodePSX - Get coding for PSX on Win 10 64bit with VS Code and GDB

https://github.com/JonathanDotCel/helloworld_and_flappycredits - No PSYQ - A hello world GPU/Pads/Sprite example with no SDK.

https://github.com/JaberwockySeamonstah/PSXOverlayExample - Using Overlays without the PSY-Q Toolchain

https://github.com/pcsx-redux/nugget/tree/main/psyqo - Use modern C++ directly within nugget.