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'Nugget' is the nickname for the method of compiling PSX executables using a modern GCC (with docker) and optionally the converted Psy-Q libraries. - Some MIPS demos as part of PCSX-redux. - PsyQ - How to use the converted PSYQ libs in various examples, without using PsyQ's libgs functions. - Get coding for PSX on Win 10 64bit with VS Code and GDB - No PSYQ - A hello world GPU/Pads/Sprite example with no SDK. - Using Overlays without the PSY-Q Toolchain

Documentation - This is a conversion/edition of Martin "nocash" Korth's Playstation specs document originally hosted at Everything to get you started in PSX dev on one page - Wiki that documents data conversion and usage for PSX formats.

MIPS Instruction Set - The MIPS instruction set for the PlayStation 1 R3000A CPU.

Playstation Memory Map & Docs

Padua's Playstation 1 Resource - A great wealth of technical info on the Playstation 1; very Assembly language heavy.

"Introduction to PlayStation research, presented by Dr.Hell"

Dr.Hell's PocketStation Documentation

Programming & ressources - PlayStation Bare Metal Mips Assembly Programming - Orionsoft's PSX Programming Tutorial Series - Hitman's Playstation Archive : Great info & resources (last updated 2013) regarding programming on the Playstation 1. - James' PSX Getting Started Tutorial: Great info (last updated 2013) regarding programming on the Playstation 1. - Net Yaroze Website Backups : Includes a bunch of official documentation, various tools & updates for pc/mac, as well as tutorials & samples for developing for the PS1 and Net Yaroze. - PS1 Homebrew Tutorial Code examples from Jurg Hurg Source from videos. - Example for building programs for Sony Playstation 1 (PSX), using Docker. - A repo for building and learning how to create games for the Playstation 1 (PSX). It will be a simple game of Pong. - Class for making Playstation 1 apps using PSYQ - PSX section of


PSXDEV - The Ultimate Resource for anything related to PS1 Development (Docs, Software, Tools, etc.) - DanHans42 personal PSX Blog

ObscureGamer's Section on Sony Playstation 1 Programming & Tool-sets - PSX wiki (last update 2016)

Reverse & engineering - Collection of PlayStation 1 tests for emulator development - Sony PlayStation chips reverse engineering. - Attempt to verilog Implementation of Playstation 1 (PSX) chips. - Playstation on an FPGA - Simple disassembler of Sony Playstation executable (MIPS R3000A instruction set). - Parse Playstation 1 symbol files (*.SYM). - PlayStation 1 Disassembler (MIPS R3000A) - mips32 disassembler and maybe emulator at some point - The secrets of professional gameshark hacking - Sony Playstation PSX executables loader for GHIDRA - Doom-RE - Metal Gear Solid PSX reimpl repo


PCSX-Redux - PCSX-Redux is the latest iteration of PCSX, still supported today, and mainly focused on development and reverse engineering. Works on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Duckstation - Duckstation is a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use PlayStation emulator for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android.

Mednafen - Mednafen is a cross-platform, multi-system emulator with PlayStation support. - PCSX-Reloaded is a PlayStation Emulator based on PCSX-df 1.9, with support for Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X. - pcsxr-optimized - PSX Open GL Graphics plugin with camera movement - PSX Emulator made to emulate the SPU - Gameshark Plugin for ePSXe 1.6-1.9 - nocash Playstation PSone emulator by martin korth

Sdk, toolchains & libraries - 'Nugget' is the nickname for the method of compiling PSX executables using a modern GCC. - The most powerful open source SDK for the PS1 (as far as open source PS1 SDKs go). Not recommended for beginner use. - CandyK-PSX: A candy shop of tools and libraries for PlayStation development. - psxsdk is a collection of tools and libraries for Playstation 1 development

Exploits & softmods - Load arbitrary code on the PSX using only a memory card - Custom Xplorer/Action Replay firmware, bootdisc, import player (see NOTPSXserial) - Software backup loader exploit using game specific savegames

Hardware, mod & adapters - Optical Disk Emulator; Replace the optical disk with a sd-card reader - PS1 Digital - Add HDMI video output to the PlayStation PU-22 (SCPH-750x) csync mod - Adding SIO to a PSone (SCPH-102) - Sony Playstation YPbPr Adapter - Pandora, an open source ESP8266 modchip for the Sony Playstation 1 - PsNee, an open source stealth modchip for the Sony Playstation 1 - A Playstation 1 Modchip written in Python - PIO port replacement - PlayStation 1 modchip installation guides

Misc, tools & other - Serial transfer suite for Playstation 1 / Unirom

PSn00b-Debugger - An Open source debugging utility for the Original PlayStation, by LameGuy64.

LiteLoad - A fairly light weight serial loader for the PlayStation, by LameGuy64

MKPSXISO - An ISO Image Maker made specifically for PlayStation Homebrew Development, by LameGuy64.

Mcomms - Serial uploader, monitor and SioFS host for PlayStation homebrew development, by LameGuy64.

SMX Tool - PlayStation RSD and SMX model data editing tool, by LameGuy64.

Siofs-PSX - SioFS client library for accessing files from a PC host on the Sony PlayStation, by LameGuy64.

PSX Blender RSD Plugin - A Blender Plug-in for Exporting Models in PlayStation SDK RSD Format, by LameGuy64.

ISODump - PlayStation ISO Content Extraction Tool, by LameGuy64.

Img2TIM - An Image to PlayStation TIM File Converter, by LameGuy64.

PSXNet - A simple library and client program to get the original PlayStation to connect to the internet, by LameGuy64.

PSXDev-VRAM Viewer - Playstation 1 Development - VRAM viewer for Orion_'s PsxLib, by David Asselineau. - NXFLASH Xplorer/Xplorer/AR/GS Flasher for Sony PlayStation - Serial EXE Loader for Sony PlayStation - Gamepad Test application for Playstation 1 - A homebrew video suite for playstation 1 - PlayStation 1 Memory Card reader/data transfer software - (Palette preservation, proper 4 bit support that works with most modern software such as Aseprite and others that can't export 4bit bmps) - PSX VRAM Viewer - PSX Memory Card Manager - A simple library and client program to get the original PlayStation to connect to the internet. - PSX application to upload PSX-EXE dinamically. - A tool for Playstation 1 to retrieve screen coordinates using a crosshair - converts Net Yaroze ecoff and siocon's script to a psx.exe - dump data from a psx save file (raw or mcs) - A PSX USB comms link - PSX VDF (Vertex Difference Format) animation viewer - X-Flash Toolset to check, generate, pack and unpack a ROMFILE.DAT for the X-Flash eeprom flashing software. - Read PS1 or N64 memory cards using a dexdrive. - Linux for the original sony playstation one. - PS1 Memory Card Dumper With Arduino - PlayStation 1 voxel engine - Tools for dumping and mastering PlayStation 1 ("PSX") CD-ROM images - PlayStation 1 Controller Combo Reset mod. - Playstation 1 SEQ to MIDI converter, and its variants - Internet Browser for the Playstation 1 - PlayStation 1 bios dumping tool - An assembly optimized LZ77 decompressor for the PlayStation 1. - A tool for Playstation 1 to retrieve screen coordinates using a crosshair - A command line application which enables serial communications against a PlayStation 1 - Blender <=2.79b plugin to export meshes in a scene to a custom .c file - PSX toolchain building scripts - A PSX Debugger with a GDB server - Tools for working with files from Metal Gear Solid - a C# framework and a set of tools to parse files found in the original kart racing game by Naughty Dog.

[] - Reverse engineering the Crash Bandicoot password generation algorithm - Unofficial Crash Bandicoot 1/2/3 Level Editor

Retail, source & code - The source code repository for the PlayStation 1 game, SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge - MuckyFoot's 1996 Urban Chaos PC, PSX and maybe DC sources - Blizzard's 1997 game Warcraft II PSX source code - Acclaim's Re-Volt source code, PC/Xbox version but some PSX files remain in the archive - Cryo Interactive's 360: Three sixty sources as found on the retail CD - Silicon Dreams studio's Chill sources are on the retail CD, in bags/cdfiller.dat which is really a zip file. - Battle Konchuuden's sources as found on the retail cd - Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 's incomplete source code - Beatmania APPEND 5thMIX - 1999.11.25 Psy-Q Source Code - Acclaim's quagmire engine sources and assets - Various Mortal Kombat 3 Source Code Collections

Source, code & examples - Open-source Sony PlayStation 1 (PSX) video game - A Tapper clone for Playstation 1. - Test program to compile a simple application on Linux and the PlayStation (original) - Flappy Bird for the PS1 - This is a PSX demo for the PSXDEV Codeblast '14 competition. - PlayStation 1 3D graphics Demo - Danger force written in C for classic consoles using the official Psyq SDK - Making Playstation games using psyq sdk - Frametime, a PS1 game for the LD33 Jam category - Old code for the PlayStation. - sprite based ps1 game - Currently unnamed PS1 game for MiniLD62. - Another PONG Clone - Basic reaction time game for PS1 - Rock Paper Scissors for PS1: Text Version - source for WIP game creation (tic tac toe example) - Quadrilateral Conundrum is a simple Tetris homebrew clone for ps1. - PlayStation 1 Chip8 Interpreter - A repo for bare metal psx mips stuff - more Code Examples. - I'm learning to make Playstation 1 games with C - Guessing Game (more or less) for the Playstation 1. - PSX development on WinXP + PsyQ - A simple template for a Playstation 1 game using PSXSDK - A 3-player WIP Pong-style game that links a TI-86 Graphing Calculator and a Sony PlayStation 1 through a network. Players 1 and 2 use the PlayStation, while Player 3 can affect the game using the calculator. - playstation 1 game engine (psge) (not completed/never finished) - PSX example code remote backup - Simple lighting example for the Playstation 1 - programs written for the PlayStation 1, using PsyQ libraries - Some PSX experiments - Low level playstation 1 programming (no sdk) - C++ implementation of psyq tutorial/example programs for the sony playstation 1 (psx) - Chip-84 port to the PlayStation 1 - First attempt at creating a PlayStation 1 (PSX) game from scratch without following tutorial games and only using documentation. - This is a game for PSX (PlayStation 1), written at 2000. (source code) - Playstation 1 Programs using PSn00bSDK - PlayStation1 sandbox project - Juannmv94's prototype 2D/3D flappy bird platformer - Tive's 3D FPS engine - Remake of 1992's dos game Bow & Arrow - Repo of PSX examples NOT using libgs - utils, sdk, roms, samples... archive - Deathball, game with ball physics - Wituz's ps1 game tutorial companion github page - Legacy blender game engine code for PSX exports - FixedPoint Arithmetic in C++ for PS1 using PSn00bSDK and modern C++ - PS1 Game using modern c++ and PSn00bSDK - PsyQ - NDR's Breakout game demo using PSQY + nugget. - On-demand overlay upload from PC to PSX - Unofficial PSX port of Friday Night Funkin' - A game engine for the PlayStation 1. - A PSX demo CD using overlays, fmv streaming and mod sound playback