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'Nugget' is the nickname for the method of compiling PSX executables using a modern GCC (with docker) and optionally the converted Psy-Q libraries. - The root of the Nugget repository. - PsyQ - How to use the converted PSYQ libs in various examples, without using PsyQ's libgs functions. - Get coding for PSX on Win 10 64bit with VS Code and GDB - No PSYQ - A hello world GPU/Pads/Sprite example with no SDK. - Using Overlays without the PSY-Q Toolchain - Use modern C++ directly within nugget.

Documentation - This is a conversion/edition of Martin "nocash" Korth's Playstation specs document originally hosted at Everything to get you started in PSX dev on one page - Wiki that documents data conversion and usage for PSX formats.

MIPS Instruction Set - The MIPS instruction set for the PlayStation 1 R3000A CPU.

Playstation Memory Map & Docs

Padua's Playstation 1 Resource - A great wealth of technical info on the Playstation 1; very Assembly language heavy.

"Introduction to PlayStation research, presented by Dr.Hell"

Dr.Hell's PocketStation Documentation

Programming & ressources - PlayStation Bare Metal Mips Assembly Programming - Orionsoft's PSX Programming Tutorial Series - Hitman's Playstation Archive : Great info & resources (last updated 2013) regarding programming on the Playstation 1. - James' PSX Getting Started Tutorial: Great info (last updated 2013) regarding programming on the Playstation 1. - Net Yaroze Website Backups : Includes a bunch of official documentation, various tools & updates for pc/mac, as well as tutorials & samples for developing for the PS1 and Net Yaroze. - PS1 Homebrew Tutorial Code examples from Jurg Hurg Source from videos. - Example for building programs for Sony Playstation 1 (PSX), using Docker. - A repo for building and learning how to create games for the Playstation 1 (PSX). It will be a simple game of Pong. - Class for making Playstation 1 apps using PSYQ - PSX section of


PSXDEV - The Ultimate Resource for anything related to PS1 Development (Docs, Software, Tools, etc.) - DanHans42 personal PSX Blog

ObscureGamer's Section on Sony Playstation 1 Programming & Tool-sets - PSX wiki (last update 2016)

Reverse & engineering - Collection of PlayStation 1 tests for emulator development - Sony PlayStation chips reverse engineering. - Attempt to verilog Implementation of Playstation 1 (PSX) chips. - Playstation on an FPGA - Simple disassembler of Sony Playstation executable (MIPS R3000A instruction set). - Parse Playstation 1 symbol files (*.SYM). - PlayStation 1 Disassembler (MIPS R3000A) - mips32 disassembler and maybe emulator at some point - The secrets of professional gameshark hacking - Sony Playstation PSX executables loader for GHIDRA - Doom-RE - Metal Gear Solid PSX reimpl repo


PCSX-Redux - PCSX-Redux is the latest iteration of PCSX, the popular open source PlayStation emulator, still supported today, and mainly focused on development and reverse engineering. Works on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Duckstation - Duckstation is a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use PlayStation emulator for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android.

Mednafen - Mednafen is a cross-platform, multi-system emulator with PlayStation support. - PCSX-Reloaded is a PlayStation Emulator based on PCSX-df 1.9, with support for Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X. - pcsxr-optimized - PSX Open GL Graphics plugin with camera movement - PSX Emulator made to emulate the SPU - Gameshark Plugin for ePSXe 1.6-1.9 - nocash Playstation PSone emulator by martin korth

Sdk, toolchains & libraries - A Visual Studio Code extension to help with the installation of PlayStation 1 toolchains, and some project templates. - 'Nugget' is the nickname for the method of compiling PSX executables using a modern GCC. - The most powerful open source SDK for the PS1 (as far as open source PS1 SDKs go). Not recommended for beginner use. - CandyK-PSX: A candy shop of tools and libraries for PlayStation development. - psxsdk is a collection of tools and libraries for Playstation 1 development - PSYQo is a modern C++ library to develop on the PlayStation 1.

Exploits & softmods - Load arbitrary code on the PSX using only a memory card - Custom Xplorer/Action Replay firmware, bootdisc, import player (see NOTPSXserial) - Software backup loader exploit using game specific savegames

Hardware, mod & adapters - Optical Disk Emulator; Replace the optical disk with a sd-card reader - PS1 Digital - Add HDMI video output to the PlayStation PU-22 (SCPH-750x) csync mod - Adding SIO to a PSone (SCPH-102) - Sony Playstation YPbPr Adapter - Pandora, an open source ESP8266 modchip for the Sony Playstation 1 - PsNee, an open source stealth modchip for the Sony Playstation 1 - A Playstation 1 Modchip written in Python - PIO port replacement - PlayStation 1 modchip installation guides

Misc, tools & other

Misc tools other

Disc Utilities

CD-Tool - Read/write sectors from/to an ISO, read information about an ISO, extract/insert files, as well as create or apply patches.

ISODump - PlayStation ISO Content Extraction Tool, by LameGuy64.

MKPSXISO - An ISO Image Maker made specifically for PlayStation Homebrew Development, by LameGuy64.

PSXImager - Tools for dumping and mastering PlayStation 1 ("PSX") CD-ROM images

Controller / Memory Card

ddread - Read PS1 or N64 memory cards using a dexdrive.

MemCARDuinoPlus - PS1 Memory Card Dumper With Arduino

PadTest - Gamepad Test application for Playstation 1

PlayStation 1 Reset Mod - PlayStation 1 Controller Combo Reset mod.

PS1CardLink - PlayStation 1 Memory Card reader/data transfer software

psx_mc_cli - Crossplatform cli utilities for working with PSX memory card files

psxmcr - dump data from a psx save file (raw or mcs)

psxmemcardmgr - PSX Memory Card Manager

PXfinder - A tool for Playstation 1 to retrieve screen coordinates using a crosshair

Misc - Serial transfer suite for Playstation 1 / Unirom

PSn00b-Debugger - An Open source debugging utility for the Original PlayStation, by LameGuy64.

LiteLoad - A fairly light weight serial loader for the PlayStation, by LameGuy64

Mcomms - Serial uploader, monitor and SioFS host for PlayStation homebrew development, by LameGuy64.

SMX Tool - PlayStation RSD and SMX model data editing tool, by LameGuy64.

Siofs-PSX - SioFS client library for accessing files from a PC host on the Sony PlayStation, by LameGuy64.

PSX Blender RSD Plugin - A Blender Plug-in for Exporting Models in PlayStation SDK RSD Format, by LameGuy64.

Img2TIM - An Image to PlayStation TIM File Converter, by LameGuy64.

PSXNet - A simple library and client program to get the original PlayStation to connect to the internet, by LameGuy64.

PSXDev-VRAM Viewer - Playstation 1 Development - VRAM viewer for Orion_'s PsxLib, by David Asselineau. - NXFLASH Xplorer/Xplorer/AR/GS Flasher for Sony PlayStation - Serial EXE Loader for Sony PlayStation - A homebrew video suite for playstation 1 - (Palette preservation, proper 4 bit support that works with most modern software such as Aseprite and others that can't export 4bit bmps) - PSX VRAM Viewer - A simple library and client program to get the original PlayStation to connect to the internet. - PSX application to upload PSX-EXE dinamically. - converts Net Yaroze ecoff and siocon's script to a psx.exe - A PSX USB comms link - PSX VDF (Vertex Difference Format) animation viewer - X-Flash Toolset to check, generate, pack and unpack a ROMFILE.DAT for the X-Flash eeprom flashing software. - Linux for the original sony playstation one. - PlayStation 1 voxel engine - Playstation 1 SEQ to MIDI converter, and its variants - Internet Browser for the Playstation 1 - PlayStation 1 bios dumping tool - An assembly optimized LZ77 decompressor for the PlayStation 1. - A command line application which enables serial communications against a PlayStation 1 - Blender <=2.79b plugin to export meshes in a scene to a custom .c file - PSX toolchain building scripts - A PSX Debugger with a GDB server - Tools for working with files from Metal Gear Solid - a C# framework and a set of tools to parse files found in the original kart racing game by Naughty Dog. - Reverse engineering the Crash Bandicoot password generation algorithm - Unofficial Crash Bandicoot 1/2/3 Level Editor

Retail, source & code - The source code repository for the PlayStation 1 game, SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge - MuckyFoot's 1996 Urban Chaos PC, PSX and maybe DC sources - Blizzard's 1997 game Warcraft II PSX source code - Acclaim's Re-Volt source code, PC/Xbox version but some PSX files remain in the archive - Cryo Interactive's 360: Three sixty sources as found on the retail CD - Silicon Dreams studio's Chill sources are on the retail CD, in bags/cdfiller.dat which is really a zip file. - Battle Konchuuden's sources as found on the retail cd - Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 's incomplete source code - Beatmania APPEND 5thMIX - 1999.11.25 Psy-Q Source Code - Acclaim's quagmire engine sources and assets - Various Mortal Kombat 3 Source Code Collections

Source, code & examples - Open-source Sony PlayStation 1 (PSX) video game - A Tapper clone for Playstation 1. - Test program to compile a simple application on Linux and the PlayStation (original) - Flappy Bird for the PS1 - This is a PSX demo for the PSXDEV Codeblast '14 competition. - PlayStation 1 3D graphics Demo - Danger force written in C for classic consoles using the official Psyq SDK - Making Playstation games using psyq sdk - Frametime, a PS1 game for the LD33 Jam category - Old code for the PlayStation. - sprite based ps1 game - Currently unnamed PS1 game for MiniLD62. - Another PONG Clone - Basic reaction time game for PS1 - Rock Paper Scissors for PS1: Text Version - source for WIP game creation (tic tac toe example) - Quadrilateral Conundrum is a simple Tetris homebrew clone for ps1. - PlayStation 1 Chip8 Interpreter - A repo for bare metal psx mips stuff - more Code Examples. - I'm learning to make Playstation 1 games with C - Guessing Game (more or less) for the Playstation 1. - PSX development on WinXP + PsyQ - A simple template for a Playstation 1 game using PSXSDK - A 3-player WIP Pong-style game that links a TI-86 Graphing Calculator and a Sony PlayStation 1 through a network. Players 1 and 2 use the PlayStation, while Player 3 can affect the game using the calculator. - playstation 1 game engine (psge) (not completed/never finished) - PSX example code remote backup - Simple lighting example for the Playstation 1 - programs written for the PlayStation 1, using PsyQ libraries - Some PSX experiments - Low level playstation 1 programming (no sdk) - C++ implementation of psyq tutorial/example programs for the sony playstation 1 (psx) - Chip-84 port to the PlayStation 1 - First attempt at creating a PlayStation 1 (PSX) game from scratch without following tutorial games and only using documentation. - This is a game for PSX (PlayStation 1), written at 2000. (source code) - Playstation 1 Programs using PSn00bSDK - PlayStation1 sandbox project - Juannmv94's prototype 2D/3D flappy bird platformer - Tive's 3D FPS engine - Remake of 1992's dos game Bow & Arrow - Repo of PSX examples NOT using libgs - utils, sdk, roms, samples... archive - Deathball, game with ball physics - Wituz's ps1 game tutorial companion github page - Legacy blender game engine code for PSX exports - FixedPoint Arithmetic in C++ for PS1 using PSn00bSDK and modern C++ - PS1 Game using modern c++ and PSn00bSDK - PsyQ - NDR's Breakout game demo using PSQY + nugget. - On-demand overlay upload from PC to PSX - Unofficial PSX port of Friday Night Funkin' - A game engine for the PlayStation 1. - A PSX demo CD using overlays, fmv streaming and mod sound playback